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Orange and cactus-based leather alternative

Ohoskin makes a coated textile from a patented, blockchain-traced circular economy process from byproducts of Sicilian oranges, cacti, and recycled plastic. It is the perfect solution for luxury brands in the furniture, automotive, and fashion industries that want to offer their clientele sustainable leather alternative with a luxury feel and durability. It does not subtract crops or resources from the food chain. Recycled plastic grants material durability and, thus, an extended lifecycle and prevents the extraction of virgin fossils. Our LCA proves it emits only 2.57 eCO2 per kilogram.

Ohoskin is a startup established in 2019 that patented a circular economy process through which it creates a durable, luxury textile coated material from the byproducts of Sicilian oranges and cacti and recycled plastic. The material is ideal for the most conscious brands in the automotive, fashion, and furniture industries. Ohoskin's material produces the lowest carbon footprint, as priced by a public LCA. The entire supply chain is traced through blockchain. Ohoskin is in the scale-up phase. It validated the process in 2020, established partnership in 2021, and started sales in 2022.
Adriana Santanocito
She was born in Catania and studied Fashion Design in Milan, specializing in new textile materials and technologies for sustainable fashion. She is the inventor of 2 patents in the textile industry. Since 2018, she has been actively involved in innovation as a delegate in the female entrepreneurship group of Confcommercio Catania. In 2020, she became the CEO and co-founder of the innovative startup Ohoskin.
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