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Eco Pod

Eco Pod bath amenities designed for a zero-plastic

Eco Pod is a powerful and eco-conscious addition to its already robust collection of premium hotel amenities, the first of its kind across the hospitality industry. The design of Eco Pod was incredibly strategic as it falls in line with the company’s goal of bringing zero-plastic solutions to hospitality, as the company thoughtfully examined its approach to materials and packaging, as well as the issue of single-use plastic pollution, heavy liquid formulations and bacteria contamination that arises in dispensers. Eco Pod fills the desires of the eco-conscious end-consumer.

Hotel Emporium
Since 2003, Hotel Emporium has been a trusted direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities. Their goal has always been to provide quality and service that customers can trust. As a minority and family-owned company, they pride themselves on their passion for delivering luxurious and sophisticated products, attentive customer care, and unmatched pricing. As part of their commitment to preserving the planet for future generations, they have developed eco-friendly amenities collections. From essential to luxurious, they specialize in providing products that meet guests’ needs.
United States
Andy De Silva
Andy De Silva is a Sri Lankan-born entrepreneur who founded companies in Hospitality, International Trade, and Tech, with over 20 years of manufacturer relations and supply chain management. Andy migrated to the United States to pursue his career in hospitality, later using his knowledge to co-found Hotel Emporium Inc., which services over 20,000 hotels & resorts worldwide to provide innovative and sustainable hotel bath amenities.
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