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Paper Paste Living

Lamps and home objects from recycled paper

Design objects made from recycled paper in an old paper factory in Barcelona dating back to 1892. The paper is collected from households around Barcelona and made only with use of water and natural color pigments. The objects are designed for the house, but are also destined for use in cafes, restaurants, offices and public spaces. The forms and expression are inspired by nature.

Paper Paste Living ApS
Paper Paste Living is a danish companies specialised on products made of recycled paper. We have a high deign level combined with a high level of functionality. Our claim Shape of Nature underlines this philosophy and DNA. We create items that appeal to the eyes and the needs. / Paper Paste Living ist ein dänischen Unternehmen, dass sich auf nachhaltige Produkte aus Papier spezialisiert hat. Hohes Design Niveau Kombi inert mit Funktionalität. Unser Claim Shape of Nature unterstreicht unsere Philosophie und DNA. Wir gestalten Produkte die das Auge schmeichelt und nützlich sind.
Hans Thyge & Co
Hans Thyge & Co was founded in 1990. Since then, the team has been involved in designing products worldwide. Many international awards have been won.
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