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Rabbit mustard bowl

The growing child bowl with suction function

The innovative suction mat made of BPA/BPS-free silicone ensures that the bowl sticks securely to the table. This means that even very lively children can eat independently without the bowl landing on the floor. It is removable and thus a vessel for older children that will accompany them for a long time. The bowl made of robust porcelain is dishwasher safe and can be heated in the microwave. The usage properties differ significantly from the usual materials (e.g. melamine), and the design is aimed at the modern, discerning family that lives in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

kikadu GmbH
kikadu GmbH
Andrea Kathrin Christenson & Silvia Henneka
Ginka Christenson, ehemalige geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin der deutschen Puppeninstitution Käthe Kruse. Silvia Henneka, erfahrene Designerin und Geschäftsführerin des Stuttgarter Kinderfachgeschäftes "Korbmayer“.
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