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Plant Pixel

The circular living wall

The bioinspired plant pixel prototype is a green facade that possesses low-embodied carbon and is cost-effective. The modular square profiles create a unique spatial structure in which the irregularities supply shelter and a microclimate capable of allowing numerous plant species to grow. The novel prototype is appealing and has a high degree of adaptability to the facade of buildings. The design promotes movement and versatility in facades.

Wageningen University
Maricruz Solera Jimenez
Maricruz is a researcher for the European Industrial Doctorate project SOLOCLIM and a Ph.D. candidate at Wageningen University. Previously, she obtained an MSc in Sustainable Building Performance and Design from Oxford Brookes University where she received the Hodgkinson award scholarship. Maricruz has worked in architecture on a wide range of projects in London and Costa Rica. She has developed throughout her career, a strong interest in sustainability and exploring the potential of green wall systems and their effect on the urban climate.
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