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The Essence of Biocement

Biofabricated chair made from recycled bricks

Biocement is produced by stimulating thousands of bacteria to form solid structures: In presence of urea and calcium chloride, Sporosarcina pasteurii is connecting granulated building waste with calcium carbonate. In the production process, neither a firing process and thus a lot of energy is required nor CO2 is emitted. The combination of biofabrication and digital tools enables the material to be formed in a new way. The project investigates the key functional and aesthetic potentials of the new material. Serving as an object of knowledge, it has been translated into a seating furniture.

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Julia Huhnholz & Friedrich Gerlach
Two designers working in the field of sustainable materials and emerging technologies. Bridging science and design, Julia Huhnholz and Friedrich Gerlach are showcasing applications for future-proof materials. In the context of the project "The Essence of Biocement", they have been collaborating with the Department of Civil Engineering at Bauhaus-University Weimar, the Institute of Microbiology at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Cape Town.
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