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Innovative, refillable roll-on deodorant

According to the motto "Making the world refillable", we develop refillable body care products. Our latest product: the refillable ROLL-ON-DEO. The robust case can be refilled again and again. The deodorant itself comes in 1.6 g lightweight pouches made of MONO material. Compared to conventional roll-ons, up to 95% plastic waste is saved. Reliable thanks to its anti-bacterial formula, anti-odour formula and sweat-reducing ingredients. Our deodorant is vegan, made in Germany and thanks to the different colours and fragrances, there is something for every taste.

Holy Pit GmbH
The start-up HOLY PIT develops refillable body care products according to the motto "Making the world refillable". When the founders experienced plastic pollution first-hand while traveling, they decided to make a change. Today, HOLY PIT offers body care in the form of sticks that all fit in the same case, such as the multi-award-winning REFILL DEO and the Anti-Mosquito-Stick. With the ROLL-ON-DEO, the company is expanding its range with a completely new refill system. Thanks to 1.6g lightweight pouches and a durable case, the clever Roll-On saves up to 95g of plastic waste.
Holy Pit GmbH
Wir sind bunt, frech & wollen zeigen, dass Nachhaltigkeit weder langweilig noch altbacken sein muss. Nach dem Motto "Making the world refillable" schaffen wir innovative, nachfüllbare Körperpflege mit hochwertiger Formulierung. Unsere Mission: Mit kleinen Dingen Großes bewirken. Nachdem unsere Gründer auf Reisen die Umweltverschmutzung durch Kosmetikverpackungen hautnah miterleben konnten, war klar: There's something wrong with the cosmetics industry! Und wir packen an: Von Deo über Hand- & Fußpflege bis hin zu Insektenschutz und Duschprodukten bieten wir viele nachhaltige Alternativen.
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