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Kiteboard Wooden Bionic Core

Turning industrial board building on its head

Mioboards builds wooden kiteboards that cannot be compared with the classic board construction method. We simply use wood instead of toxic foams. As it is usually heavier than EPS or PU foam, we have developed a special CNC milled structure that allows us to utilize the full strength of the material. Compared to the industry, we can almost do without reinforcing fibers, which we only use for waterproofing. We only use bio-based resin and fast-growing paulownia wood, which comes from Italy instead of China.

Mioboards, Döring und Meissner GbR
Sebastian Reising und Christian Meissner
Reising: dipl ing. Maschinenbau, begeisterter Kitesurfer der ersten Stunde Meissner: Tischler begeisterter Kitesurfer der ersten Stunde
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