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RE:ME reuse return recycle

Reusable alternative to Styrofoam food containers

RE:ME offers a reusable alternative for expanded polystyrene food packaging and all other disposable food containers. RE:ME is made of a mono-material and simplifies recycling processes. The layered wall system incorporates an outer shell made of food-safe plastic and a centre out of particle foam. To date, this specific particle foam has mainly been used in transportation design. In combination, the box gains insulating properties and keeps food at its temperature. The box can be sterilized 1000-1500 times before being recycled, saving huge amounts of resources and one-way packaging.

Universität der Künste
Cathy Wolter
Cathy Wolter, born 1996 in Luxembourg. BA Furniture and Product Design (2020) - The School of Art, Architecture and Design, London MA Product Design (2022) – Universität der Künste, Berlin
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