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How can a plague can save the earth?

Sarkixtia is a revolutionary packaging concept. A packaging concept made 100% of sargassum, an abundant pest well known in Mexico, which is converted into a highly fertile and sustainable material that fulfills its useful life in a completely circular cycle. Good for enterprises, which use packaging to protect their products, sargassum recollectors and environmentally conscious population. Our proposal brings a pest threat into a solution for the linear consumerism of today's packaging. It is a completely circular packaging as well as powerful fertilizer making it ecofriendly.

Universidad Panamericana
Somos un orgulloso grupo de estudiantes mexicanos de diseño e ingeniería de la Universidad Panamericana que quieren hacer algo para mejorar nuestro medio ambiente como país y de esta manera crear un impacto a nivel mundial.
Hanna Magaly Larios Moscoso, Carmen Guadalupe Zaldivar Aguilar, Andrea Lizeth Nuñez Arias, Carla Milke Espinosa, and Luis Felipe Zamora Loiza
We are a proud group mexican DESIGNERS & ENGINEERS students from Universidad Panamericana that want to do something to improve our country environment and as doing so create sucesively a worldwide impact.
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