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RemigoOne Electric Outboard

A next generation electric outboard motor

World's first fully integrated, lightweight 1000W e-outboard. Suitable for skilled boaters and boating enthusiasts, using any type of vessel up to 1500 kg. RemigoOne was designed to challenge the usual pain points of comparable outboards: weight, cable corrosion, handling, oil leaks, reliability and durability. Instead of just electrifying a gasoline outboard, we've built one following what technology has to offer, material and use requirements, but above all: what boaters want from it. It makes a lot of sense for it to act as a rudder, right?

Remigo d.o.o.
Remigo is a startup company and a young manufacturer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The author of a recent nautical sensation RemigoOne is a small, but powerful engineering team of five, dedicated to the marine innovation and sustainability principles. Their design process is always narrated by the end users and care for the environment: Remigo commited to designing user-centered products, which are robust, versatile, built to last and require less maintenance. Furthermore they commited to using secondary raw and upcycled materials wherever they see fit with clever use.
Remigo d.o.o.
Ajda Bertok
I completed my bachelor's degree in UX/UI in 2016 on Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. I continued my education on master's with main interest in regenerative design. My main work since 2019 extends in the field of product, exhibition and graphic design for company Remigo, where I work as a part of a founding team of 5. Our company and first product RemigoOne came to life following Marko's initial idea and highly skilled engineering team – Valentin, Tjaš and Jan.
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