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Rippling Shades

Circular self-shading façade techniques

ZONGRUWU studio's façade component design offers a sustainable building solution for subtropical regions, promoting eco-friendly construction with cultural awareness. It utilizes innovative 3D-printed PETg molds for concrete, which are reusable up to seven times, diminishing material waste and concrete usage. The design features self-shading patterns based on solar paths, enhancing thermal efficiency and reducing the need for mechanical cooling. This approach not only challenges conventional building practices but also aligns modern aesthetics with environmental responsiveness.

ABOUT With new technologies of digital design and additive manufacturing, I believe it is possible to democratize manufacturing for everyone and empower experts or non-experts to fulfil their creative ideas efficiently. Accordingly, I have been focusing on developing a design program that allows users to balance design freedom and fabrication constraints by integrating fabrication considerations into the design process. This way, creativity can be made real, and humanity, craftsmanship, and additive manufacturing technology will sing in harmony. I founded ZONGRUWU, a digital material consultan
ZongRu WU
ZONGRUWU studio, initiated in 2019 in Rotterdam, excels in digital fabrication for architectural innovation, fusing advanced computational design with a material-centric approach. The studio propels the boundaries of architecture and fabrication, championing the use of recyclable materials to foster sustainable building practices. ZONGRUWU's commitment lies in reshaping the built environment through precision, sustainability, and digital craftsmanship.
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