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This is a mold for making Hakka rice cakes

The shape of the Hakka "walled house" rice dumpling mold is derived from the traditional Hakka building "walled house", which can be pressed from the top to make rice dumplings with exquisite patterns when used. Through the two traditional cultural elements of the Hakka independent building "walled house" and the traditional food "rice dumpling", it helps young people in the new era to better understand and learn the Hakka rice rice porridge culture in Jiangxi and promote cultural self-confidence.

Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, referred to as "Zhongkai", named after Liao Zhongkai and located in Guangzhou, is one of the first batch of universities in the country's outstanding agricultural and forestry talent education and training program, an excellent school for undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education, an international training base for future technical skills and humanities exchange talents, and a university in Guangdong Province's characteristic university promotion plan.
Huiqiang Xing
Huiqiang Xing is a master's student at Zhongkai College of Agriculture and Engineering, with a research direction of product design
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