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ephemeral lounger by the sea

Mussel and oyster shells, residue from fish restaurants, are processed into a beach lounger according to circular principles. This seat aims to make users think about the waste problem and our consumer society. The SEAt SHELL is an ephemeral design as the bench is made for one summer season. The salty air, wind and rain act on the furniture. The erosion causes the bench to decompose into sand. Over time, the bench leaves no trace. The undulating shapes of the bench completely blend into the surroundings of beach and dunes. The material comes from the sea and returns to the sea at the end.

Thomas More University
For over 20 years, the Furniture Design programme has been the only one in Belgium specifically dedicated to the furniture sector. Its ambition is to build on the Mechelen furniture tradition in a contemporary and inquisitive way. The combination of product-oriented development (product design) and spatial thinking (architecture) forms the basis of this furniture design programme. The programme encourages cooperation between designers, craft, industry and technology. It combines a strong regional anchoring (contact with companies and organisations) with an international focus
Marieke De Backer
Marieke De Backer is a 23-year-old interior architect, graduated from Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium, who decided to continue her studies into the world of furniture design (VOMO) at the Thomas More Hogeschool in Mechelen. A common aspect of the designer’s work is always a careful look at sustainability.
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