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A balance board combining fitness and fun

By combining maze challenges into a balance board, Amaze reshapes balance training. Suitable for all ages, it strengthens core muscles and foot coordination and improves balance while making workouts fun in various settings. The size allows for multiple users, enabling an exciting teamwork exercise. Amaze encourages physical activity in a sedentary era, offering an engaging and collaborative exercise experience for a sustainable, balanced life.

Lund University School of Industrial Design
At Lund University School of Industrial Design (LUSID), the focus lies in enabling students to shape themselves as designers. The institution fosters professional collaboration, challenges the limits of design, and questions societal norms to drive change. Positioned in Scandinavia, with an international perspective and extensive facilities, LUSID offers students a unique platform to explore remote design areas.
Anna-Maria Nilsson, Clara Storsten, Lisa Wagner
Anna-Maria Nilsson, Clara Storsten and Lisa Wagner are studying their second year master of Industrial Design at Lund University School of Industrial Design, Sweden. During 2023 they have exhibited Amaze at Milan Design Week, Southern Sweden Design Days and Dutch Design Week.
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