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Seed pops

Vegetable grow kits for urban residents

Seed pops are designed based on the knowledge and experience of growing salads in the city. The Seed pop set is a ready-made planting innovation that invents a soil formula made from food waste and redesigns the planting process to make it easier to grow. Just pin the seed pop into the soil and watering. It is greatly reducing the hassle of planting various seeds. Main processes are trituration, lyophilization, ferment and compression molding with high technology machines.

Dudeplants Co.,.ltd
Vegetable and flowers grow kits for urban residents who live in cities with limited space such as apartment, condominium and townhome. The uniqueness of the product design has been taken into account, and the users must easily understand what the product is and what they will be using for. Moreover, it must be commercially attractive in order to have greater market value. Another important aspect of the design is “Material”. The designer uses recycled material and can be recycled entirely, including chemical free which is safe for both people and animal.
Apichate Taninratapat
Mr.Apichate Taninratapat was graduate in major of Industrial design from KMITL (Thailand) in 2010 and He got his master degree in Film and television from Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, USA in 2014. He spends his full time job as film director and university lecturer about 10 years before he gets back to his design. He starts planting vegetables and found Dudeplants co.,ltd since 2017. In 2023, He won 1st prize from Thailand's Innovation Award (biggest event in Thailand) and got runner-up from Thailand Green Design Award in 2023 as well.
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