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Sempervivens funeral urn

Bring a new life from the ashes of your loved one

The Sempervivens urn is a funerary product. It is an exclusive design ceramic vessel, fully prepared to receive the ashes of your loved one, with which a seed will germinate and be nourished to grow before your eyes, so that a new life will prosper with the help of your loved one. It is suitable for everyone, as it contains all the necessary materials and information, to start it up and maintain it in a simple way. Its innovation lies in the fact that there is no similar product on the market, as it is the result of years of research, which allows us to guarantee germination and growth.

Lloradu S.L.U.
Semper Vivens, is the only funerary urn in the world. Patented in 2022 in which uniting art, science and technology. It is achieved in a 100% guaranteed way that using the ashes as nutrients, a Catalpa germinates. It is the last gesture of generosity of the loved one who, through his ashes and his tree, will provide us with oxygen and remove Co2 from the atmosphere. A laboratory work that lasted more than 8 years, with the participation of doctors in sciences, engineers, the Aidimme technology center as well as porcelain artists. We are not an abstract idea, we are a reality.
Lloradu S.L.U.
Pedro Ramis Ramírez, Alberto Lloret Salamanca, Jorge Miralles Filippini, Pablo Miralles Filippini, Joan Pere Catalá Roig, Mario Martínez Ceniceros, José Ramón Blasco Puchades & David Cuesta M
Sempervivens: -P. Ramis: Founding CEO. -A. Lloret: Agronomist and Lab Director. PhD in Sciences. -J. P. Català: Master Craftsman Letter from the Balearic Government. Jaume II Award 2022 from the Mallorca Council. -P. Miralles: Chemical Engineer. MSc in Energy and Fuels for the Future. -J. Miralles: Mechanical Engineer. MSc Computational Mechanics. AIDIMME industrial design engineers: -J. R. Blasco: MSc in Mechanical Engineering. -D. Cuesta: MSc in Design and Development of Parts and Molds for Plastic Injection. -M. Martínez: MSc in Design and Integrated Manufacturing assisted by Computer.
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