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SolarFlow is a Plug&Play balcony energy storage system that turns sunlight into a safe, reliable source of energy to power our daily life. It is a user-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective solution for balcony solar power upgrades, storing excess power during daytime to be utilized at night to reduce carbon footprints. It also provides flexibility in customizing solar power setups. It is compatible with existing balcony solar panels and microinverters on the market. Its PV hub is equipped with an intelligent battery management system, storing excess energy in the associated LFP batteries.

Founded in 2017, Zendure is one of the fastest-growing EnergyTech start-ups located in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, USA, and the Greater Bay Area, China, Japan, and Germany. Our purpose is to accelerate a sustainable future. Our mission is to deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide by popularizing the latest EnergyTech. We envision being a Clean EnergyTech platform that sustains communities and families. Our successes include SuperBase V, SuperBase Pro, SuperBase M, SolarFlow , along with our line of Satellite Batteries, Smart Home Panel, Smart Plug.
Zendure USA Inc.
Zendure is an EnergyTech start-up founded in 2017 with a global presence, including technology hubs in Silicon Valley, USA, the Greater Bay Area in China, Japan, and Germany. The company's purpose is to accelerate a sustainable future, and its mission is to deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide. Zendure strongly focuses on R&D, with 40% of its team and over 111 global patents dedicated to it. They have also won multiple design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award in Germany.
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