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The True Green

Wood alternatives based on annual plants

TheTrueGreen's plant-based lumber, crafted from hemp and eco-adhesives, brings sustainability to luxury design. It feels and endures like wood, ideal for furniture and décor. Aiding biodiversity and slashing CO2—hemp sequesters 25 tons per hectare per year—it's a superior choice for eco-conscious design. Compatible with carpentry standards (750 kg/m3 & 900 kg/m3), it also accepts finishes well, enabling stunning, eco-friendly creations. TheTrueGreen reduces energy and adhesive use, further cutting the carbon footprint. It's the future's greener wood alternative.

The True Green
THE MISSION OF THE TRUE GREEN IS TO USE THE POTENTIAL OF ANNUAL PLANTS AS WOOD SUBSTITUTE OF THE FUTURE. The True Green seeks a balance between the growing demand for consumer products and diminishing natural resources. We focus on business development and economic growth while respecting natural areas and places of long-term development of biodiversity. We look for easily renewable, common, problematic and unwanted materials for our products. Grow with us in a sustainable way and, like us, believe in products from annual plants!
The True Green
Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina (Creative Director), Piotr Pietras, Justyna Bekier, Rafał Sagan, Paulina Pasek
The True Green initiative is led by Piotr Pietras in management and Justyna Bielec in R&D, emphasizing agricultural innovation. Paulina Pasek ensures compatibility with wood properties, while designer and creative director Jadwiga Husarska Sobina refines aesthetics and usability. Rafał Sagan brings expertise in carpentry, aligning the material with industry norms. Together, they're forging a sustainable future where design marries eco-responsibility.
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