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100% recycled ocean and ocean bound plastic hanger

( r e )x, is an eco-design company founded by Los Angeles-based designer Paulina Quintana, it's first product is new hanger made from 100% recycled plastic that is gathered from the ocean or intercepted before entering it. Quintana’s mission is to create sustainable solutions for everyday products and turn them into an opportunity to remove plastic waste from the environment. Traceability is where Quintana wants her company to lead the industry.

( r e )x
United States
( r e )x
Paulina Quintana
An accomplished designer, Quintana's experience in the fashion industry fuels her passion for green innovation. The ( r e )x founder ran her own international children’s clothing brand for 13 years to much acclaim. She single handedly introduced a modern sensibility to the ,market in 2000. Bold colors, simple silhouettes, and no ruffles made editorial magazines world wide.
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