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The silent furniture for limited living conditions

Tapi is the start of a product line concept called "Silent Furniture", which aims to utilize space efficiently. Silent Furniture integrates sound-insulating materials into conventional furniture to reduce noise and improve quality of life without the need for additional sound-absorbing products such as room dividers. Tapi, a folding table made from the recycled material vitAcoustic (PET felt), offers flexible use in different positions to meet the user's needs while creating a unique experience in feel, look and acoustics.

HAWK Hildesheim
The faculty of design at the HAWK in Hildesheim distinguishes itself by a multitude of complementary fields of competence. Within the BA and MA of Design degrees students can easily choose classes from among Advertising Design, Branding Design, Digital Environments, Colour Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Metal Design and/or Product Design. Wider themes such as transformation design, sustainability and circular design are overarching present in thee projects and courses. Modern and well equipped labs and workshops complement the excellent overall study experience.
Lisa Schollbach
Lisa Schollbach, 1999 in Hannover geboren, ist eine anstrebende Produktdesignerin im Studium. Nach ihrem Bachelor an der HAWK Hildesheim setzt sie ihren Master an der renommierten Bauhaus-Universität Weimar fort. Sie verbindet klassisches Produktdesign geschickt mit künstlerischen, sozialen und psychologischen Aspekten. Besonderes Interesse gilt ethischen und philosophischen Aspekten in der Gestaltung und deren Verschmelzung mit Funktionalität. Ihre experimentelle Herangehensweise eröffnet innovative Wege zur Betrachtung gesellschaftlicher Themen und deren Aufarbeitung.
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