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Multifunctional coats for every season

THE COAT ... "the coat will be the last coat you will ever need to buy!" The two coats for two seasons are part of the capsule collection with focus on the coat and jacket range. The design approach of the two coats seek to tackle the environmental challenges of the fashion industry from a two sided approach: reducing the requency of consumption through producing higher quality garments, with timeless silhouettes and multifunctionality. The modular design places control in the hands of the wearer. The top and the bottom sections are detachable.

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences_Campus Berlin
Fashion Design programme at Macromedia University Campus Berlin. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is a multi-campus university privately sponsored by Macromedia GmbH, based in Stuttgart, with other locations in Munich, Freiburg, Frankfurt/Main, Cologne, Leipzig, Hamburg and Berlin. Due to the central location of Macromedia’s city campuses, we can offer our current 4,500 students a stimulating urban study environment that also permits easy access to students from surrounding regions.
Carla Aylen Schuemperli// Jillian Stein// Aleksandra Vorontsova// Inci Mezgit
Carla Aylen Schuemperli (Argentina), Jillian Stein (Canada), Aleksandra Vorontsova (Russia) and Inci Mezgit (Turkey) teamed up for their coherent design concept. They are students in the 3rd semester of the fashion design study programme at Macromedia University in Berlin.
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