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The Morigin Project

Moringa against dirty water's diseases

The Morigin Project is an organizational system that intends to start a sustainable Moringa Oleifera farming system in Senegal, run by local cooperatives. The aim is to purify contaminated water, enrich their food supply and manage resources in the local market. Aside from this, the project will provide new jobs by training workers on how to process the trees. What makes the project innovative is the use of Moringa seed powder to purify contaminated water in third world countries and its strong social impact on the rurals communities future because it is a project made by people for people.

IED European Institute of Design
I attended the Product Design course at the European Institute of Design in Milan, where I developed design skills in different areas of design from the development of a concept to the actual realisation of a product and service system. The course was a transversal path that allowed me to develop new skills and concretely realise tangible and intangible projects from both a technological, social and environmental point of view. The project I am most proud of is the one I developed for my degree thesis which I had the opportunity to carry out once I finished my studies.
Francesca Pedrotti, Teresa Colombo, Alessandro Maggioni
The Morigin Project is born from the idea of three young Product Design students, but it became real through the networking of collaborators and interlocutors from different backgrounds (agronomist, chemist, farmer, associations such as GoFundMe and UNIDO).
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