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A scaleable, housing-unit made from HEMPCRETE

Hemp-Home is a scalable housing unit made from HEMPCRETE. It is a material made of hemp core, chalk, and water. It can be implemented in the construction almost like cement, it just needs a solid frame supporting the construction. Most importantly it grants many benefits: This material is fireproof, moisture-regulative, scent-absorbent, and sound/temperature-isolating. To speak about sustainability, it even bounds CO2 during the first 10 years after construction at the end of its life as a building it can be used as a basic fertilizer for agriculture.

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Julius Lenz
Hi My name is Julius Lenz, and I am an Industrial Design student from HTW-Berlin. Fighting against climate change and the man-made destruction of our planet has always been my main goal. And I am more than happy to be granted the opportunity to design products that follow the same goal.
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