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The Soothing Cup

A mutual relationship with a living menstrual cup

The Soothing Cup comprises a menstrual cup and an incubator. A seaweed-based hydrogel turns the cup into a bio-membrane that can interact with the vaginal environment while the incubator enables users to grow their own anti-inflammatory bacteria on their personal menstrual cups to reduce periods discomfort. The level of care required in this ritual creates an intimate connection between the menstruator and the cup, reducing the desire to purchase single-use hygiene products whilst challenging the societal stigma around periods.

UAL - Central Saint Martins
MA Biodesign at Central Saint Martins The course will introduce designers from multidisciplinary design backgrounds to whole system thinking, biomimicry principles, biological systems, bio-computational design, digital and bio-fabrication techniques. You will apply these principles to designing new sustainable materials, products, services, systems and architectural propositions. There is a strong emphasis on ethical issues and on learning through making. Theoretical, global cultural and socio-environmental contexts will inform the development of your personal biodesign agenda.
United Kingdom
Lucrezia Alessandroni
Lucrezia Alessandroni is a biodesigner with a background in product design and visual communication. Her previous passions for sustainability, wearables and open-source technologies drove her to explore the interconnections among living organisms and ecosystems. Her research focuses on female healthcare and living objects as a tool to develop new symbiotic relationships with micro and macro environments.
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