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Urban Cultivator

The farm-to-fork experience right in your home

The Urban Cultivator Residential and MicroBuddy allows you to grow your own food right in your kitchen, providing you with fresh, organic herbs and greens all year round. Suitable for anyone, including those without a green thumb or limited garden space. With its hydroponics farming system and vertical grow design, this model reduces water usage, maximizes space efficiency and eliminates the need for transportation. Plus, built-in fans and humidity domes in Residential ensure optimal conditions for plant growth. Embrace the Zero Mile Diet with ease.

Gogo Greens B.V.
Urban Cultivator was founded in 2010 as a start-up manufacturing company with patented products that have revolutionized the grow your own industry. It has been the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for two revolutionary products, the Urban Cultivator Residential (UC-R) and the Urban Cultivator – Commercial (UC-C). Today Urban Cultivator is developing marketing alliances with industry leaders, including many key chefs and designers to pursue new sales to residential and commercial builders.
Ewout Goldberg
Urban Cultivator is nowadays headed by Ewout Goldberg. Ewout has been in the “Grow your own” industry since 2010 and has successfully manufactured, marketed and infiltrated the market of growing appliances. With the launch of Urban Cultivator and using the same technology, Ewout brings his extensive knowledge to new markets on residential and commercial level.
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