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Modular cube system for green office

VANK_CUBE is a modular cube system that makes it possible to set up a truly green workspace in any environment and adapt it to the changing needs of its users or the organisation. The CUBE is manufactured using innovative biomaterial made from flax and hemp — fast-growing renewable plants that absorb much more CO2 than trees. As plant-based raw materials are its core components, it minimizes the use of synthetics and contributes to the combat against climate change. The designs fosters creative thinking and a culture of collaboration.

VANK Sp. z o.o.
VANK is a team of architects, engineers and artisans. We design sustainable furniture for homes, offices and public spaces – environments that are increasingly interconnected. Our aim is to escape aesthetic repetition. We live by ideas that abolish the borders between art and reality. This comes from a belief that surrounding ourselves with beautiful things improves the quality of our life. We develop the category of solutions that improve the level of comfort and concentration, that reduce the level of stress resulting from acoustic smog occurring in office environments and public spaces.
VANK Sp. z o.o.
Anna Vonhausen
Anna Vonhausen studied architecture at the Poznań University of Technology, where she subsequently completed her doctorate from 2005 to 2008. Vonhausen has been Creative Director at Vank since 2008.
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