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Vacmi Vacuum PV Glazing

Heat/sound insulation, transparent solar glazing

Provides heat insulation, sound insulation, power generation and flexible, transparent and curved glass for EVs. The core products address pain points in electric vehicles, such as that the inside of EVs is too hot in summer and too cold in winter and that the battery keeps losing its charge, resulting in short durability, driver’s anxiety and other problems. There is a vacuum layer between the two glass for heat and sound insulation. The inner surface of one glass is coated with photovoltaic film to convert solar energy into electric energy. The product has completed R & D.

Earth Big Data Lab., Beijing No.35 High School
Yingxi Tang
VacMi is a startup company aim to bethe world's leading professional system service provider engaged in the shaping of PV vacuum glazing industry. It focuses on flexible power generation thermal insulation and sound insulation PV vacuum glazing for EVs. It is most competitive in the design and development of production line, and integrates the development of PV vacuum glazing products as well as PV vacuum glazing door and window system. According to the company’s planning, there are three principal product lines, namely PV vacuum glazing on the roof of EVs, PV vacuum glazing for curtain walls
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