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Open-source skill-developing game for kids

Vedoot is an open-source wooden game with concave and convex surfaces that develops children’s spatial and visual logical skills. With Vedoot kids can learn by playing. The game’s main element lies in the concave and convex forms fitting in each other. It can be played in many ways, for example: balancing board game, building blocks or dominoes. With the open-source structure we intend to provide access to an educational equipment to teachers, caretakers and children in less fortunate areas, reducing inequality.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
Zoe Szokalopulosz, Jázmin Zsurbej
What attracts us in design is how to integrate an existing object with new functions, apply new technology and improve its usability. We consider it important to emphasize the uniqueness and innovative nature of the product. As designers, we are responsible for our environment, because we have the tools to shape our habits and material culture. We believe through education we can share new perspectives which lead to new ideas and a sustainable life.
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