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The new hydroponic system

A new system enabling easy growing of food by using plants. The user is then freed from all tedious maintenance work thank to the system. The user is then assisted by an application that reminds him of the few simple steps that will lead him to his garden in a short time, without the use of pesticides and with a significant saving of raw materials thanks to hydroponic technology.T he system provides a park of 27 plants growing at the same time, as well as an almost infinite variety of seeds to choose from.

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Spa - Società Benefit
Valentino Bosetti, Francesco Magenta, Gaia Zarantonello
Our group was born out of a second-year project at IED, where we are currently completing our third year at the Faculty of Product Design and are now working together on our final thesis. Thanks to a great passion for the green world and a strong inclination towards designing systems, Vertical was born and has already received a special mention from Cumulus Green 2022: Nurturing Our Planet.
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