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VTBF veneer toped biofoam

Fast furniture for a biobased economy

If our products do not need to last, then they should be designed to decay. ‘VTBF’ uses existing technologies to create strong and lightweight forms for furniture design. High density bio-foam gives volume and stability to a hard outer edge natural wood veneer. As soon as the furniture is no longer desirable it can be cold composted as it degrades quickly when exposed to the elements. VTBF products can be produced in moulds, making it scalable. This combination offers many affordable interior applications inviting designers and manufacturers to take a circular approach to furniture design.

Design Academy Eindhoven
Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is one of the world’s leading design schools, recognised internationally for its forward-thinking and renowned professors and alumni. For over 70 years it has trained aspiring designers to make their mark on the future by thinking freely and openly about what design can achieve, consistently exploring design as an instrument of material, social, environmental and critical innovation. Thomas is now seeking full time employment in Product/industrial design roles.
Thomas Norman
Thomas developed an interest in art and science growing up in Wisbech southeast England. At 18 he moved to study product design at City of Glasgow College where he fell in love with the design process. Towards the end of his studies in Glasgow he had become very comfortable in answering briefs for others but wanted to form his own opinions and learn how to write his own. In 2018 he moved to The Netherland and studied at Design Academy Eindhoven. Where he spent more time focusing on design for innovation, user centred and circular design practices.
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