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Night light design using sustainable materials

The design was inspired by the white lotus pond at the Hong Hua Zen Temple in Dongfang Mountain, Huangshi, Hubei Province, because this lotusIt was named after a white lotus introduced from India. It is said that the lotus does not open casually after it is in bud, but only frequently when the monks chanting and the sound of wooden fish striking in the dead of night, so it is called "white lotus frequently open". This is why it is called "white lotus blooming frequently". It is reminiscent of the small night light that accompanies us to sleep at night.

Hubei Normal University (HNU), located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province, is a provincial comprehensive undergraduate teacher training college focusing on humanities, social sciences, science and engineering, featuring teacher education and serving basic education, with the right to grant master's degree.
Tianren Luo
Luo Tianren is a graduate student of Master of Arts in Product Design at Hubei Normal University. During the school period, he mainly studied product design practice and design theory research with his supervisor. He has published many academic papers and won dozens of awards in professional competitions during his school years.
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