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A product that converts waste oil into soap

WOMSOAP is an electrical product that filters out the waste oil produced by frying and makes it into soap, which solves the problem of waste oil recycling in the catering industry. This machine will throw out the fat of the fried food through centrifugal force, and can add the waste oil in the boiler, filter it into the detergent bottle filled with sodium hydroxide, and use the electromagnetic force technology to fully and evenly stir the contents, and take it out After waiting overnight, add water to mix, and then use it to scrub oil stains on the floor, kitchen counters...etc.

Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT )
明志科技大學,位於新北市泰山區的一所科技大學,前身為台塑企業創辦人王永慶與王永在於1963年12月設立的「明志工業專科學校」。其設有工程學院、環境資源學院 、管理暨設計學院 的三學院。
Jiang Wei-Ting
Industrial Designer Focused on Solving Social Issues.
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