Award 2021 Winners

Award 2021 Winners

Award 2021 Winners

The Green Future Club premiers green products of today & sustainable concepts for the future!

Berlin, 14.05.2021 – 1461 participants from 51 countries have applied for the Green Product & Concept Award 2021. The best 100 products and concepts were nominated and evaluated by the jury in terms of design, innovation & sustainability. The winners of the Green Product & Concept Award 2021 have now been awarded.

Find hightlights like tennis balls and bikes from the 3D printer, apple skin shoes, Tiny Houses that generate their own electricity, burgers made of plant fibres, ecological cleaning products, educational games, ocean plastic sunglasses, solar wall panels, compostable clothing or even a ride sharing service for wheelchair users and many more.

The winners came from Germany, India, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Taiwan, USA, among others. They were presented during the digital award ceremony by our jurors – Katja Reich (DBZ), Tina Kammer (InteriorPark.) Prof. Kiersten Muenchinger (University of Oregon) welcomed, awarded and presented in short project videos. The live event was moderated with 1700 visitors by award initiator Nils Bader, who subsequently stated:

"Our goal is to replace existing products with sustainable, better products. That is why I am delighted with the international resonance and the quality of the work! With the Green Future Club, we will now connect the participants and continue to work on this goal."

The Jury winners

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Green Audience Awards 2021

60,000 votes were cast in the public vote. Most popular product: Shaktimat-Matte  
Most popular concept: Migration of Matter

All Nominees - broken down by category - from concepts to products.


About the Green Future Club

After being led by an innovation agency white lobster for 8 years, the awards are now being transferred to a non-profit organization. The Green Future Club is a platform for designers, researchers and companies interested in an active and practice-oriented exchange around green innovations.

The members of the Green Product Club have special access to and exchange with the participants of the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award and their results.

With new cooperation formats, members of the club and participants of the open special calls will jointly apply new processes and materials to develop sustainable, future-oriented showcases.

The showcases will be shown with the participants on events and special spaces in a network – from the visionary study to the exemplary solution.

The workshops and events offer members and award participants the opportunity to exchange experiences, to promote and attract new talent and ideally the option to invest directly in new solutions.

We wish you a pleasant browsing through the 2021 award cycle!

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