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Egghsell 3d printed constructive brick

CAL VIVA in collaboration with Manufactura create EGGSHELL Eco Brick, a product designed for interior construction. It is based on research focused on the amount of organic waste, and we found that Mexico is the world's leading consumer of fresh eggs. Eggshell bricks are conceived as blocks that can be replicated to create various architectural and interior objects, industrial design items such as tableware and furniture, and even architectural-scale objects like walls, columns, lattices, or structures that are part of a habitable space. This allows us to inhabit our new spaces responsibly.

Cal Viva
CAl Viva is a sustainable material design studio. Our materials are aimed at creators who seek to generate an alternative narrative from the materiality of their creations, another way of relating to their work, time and form in which it originates. For those who are willing to give a twist and rethink life of their materials, willing to design their pieces before their had been manufactured.
Montserrat Ayala ( CAL VIVA) + MANUFACTURA ( Dinorah Martinez Schulte, Edurne Morales, Eduardo Barba, Elena Fierro)
CAL VIVA and MANUFACTURA teamed up to create this project. EGGSHELL ECOBRICK was born from a joint idea. Being aware of all the organic waste generated in Mexico daily, we took on the task of designing a material suitable for use with the Manufactura robotic arm. CAL VIVA is a sustainable materials design studio that focuses on researching and adapting materials for various purposes, including construction, arts, and design. Meanwhile, MANUFACTURA is a digital manufacturing studio with a focus on architecture. Both are based in and originate from Mexico.
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