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Coat of Many Colors

A coat collection made from industrial waste

In addition to being an Industrial Design student I’m also a skydiving instructor. My project addresses an Israeli parachute manufacturer producing 2,000 parachutes annually, with 15% material waste (15,000 sqm of fabric). I propose a circular design model using a fabric shredding machine to repurpose waste, creating a new product line. Larger fabric pieces are sewn together into fabric for coat patterns, and smaller ones are shredded to become insulation. At the end of each product's lifecycle, they can be shredded and reused as filling, creating an endless cycle of innovation and renewal.

Holon Institute of Technology
Neta Cohen
I recently graduated from HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) with a degree in industrial design. In my spare time, I have the privilege of working as a skydiving instructor. While I may not consider myself an expert in any field just yet, I'm passionate about design and find joy in sharing the thrill of skydiving with others. My journey has been about continuous learning and pushing my boundaries, both in design and in the skies. My skydiving hobby has significantly influenced the project I'm presenting, sparking creative ideas that have found their way into many of my designs.
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