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Bio-on: Turn Off Plastics

This project aims an alternative to plastic

This project brings forward Gelatin -based bioplastic handbags, which are experimented and explored by creating different textures. The use of a wide range of organic colors have been used. Based on different formulas, starch and gelatin bioplastic is produced handmade and evaluated by varying the properties of the biopolymer produced. This have been experimenting with different types of starch, extracted from natural resources such as corn, wheat, maize, rice and potatoes. They are tested and are safe for human and environment.

Institute for Art and Culture, Lahore
IAC mission is to encourage excellence in teaching and research through offering academic programs and diverse approaches that prepare the students to intellectually interact and explore innovation in performance and creative work and promote the multidisciplinary integration of arts, culture, and technology through creativity, critical thinking, and technological innovation
Inshal Akram
Inshal Akram is a Pakistan-based textile designer and researcher. Her practice involves research into sustainable textiles and biodegradable materials. She finds her passion in conducting research and then applying it through exploring new mediums, materials and techniques. She approaches designs that are not appealing but for solving problems around. Her core value includes "Empathy" and "Practicality" through her work. 
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