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Turning waste denim into new products

Polycotton, blended textiles and stretch denim is notoriously difficult to recycle with the majority of this waste being sent to land fill or incinerated. Unlike municipal recycling, Denimolite is able to process ALL types of polycotton waste and transform it into a new high grade composite material. We are preventing fashion waste from entering landfills oceans or incinerators. The plant based ingredient percentage in our bio resin is amongst the highest in the industry. Denimolite is designed for furniture and fittings as well as consumer goods.

Denimolite ltd
Denimolite is a start-up creating an innovative material manufactured sustainably from waste denim and a plant based bio resin. The Denimolite composite material is durable, high grade and visually striking, created for design and constructions application. Ideal for furniture and fitting in commercial and residential spaces. The Material has been made in response to the negative impact denim has on the environment, annually the UK purchases 70 million pairs of jeans and sends 260,000 tonnes of waste denim to land fill. We at Denimolite believe in doing things a little differently.
United Kingdom
Denimolite ltd
Josh Myers
Founder and director of Denimolite Ltd, graduated with 1st in Engineering Product Design from London South Bank University. Passionate about fashion and the environment. Specialising in sustainable design. Winner of the: south bank startup award, the award of excellence by the IED, materials innovation award MaDE, materials innovation award Plastics Industry Awards. Featured on GreenGrads and Grand Designs Kevin's Green Heroes.
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