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evaluation of noodles

Spent grain turned into pasta

In the beer production process, a significant byproduct is the spent grain, which has traditionally been used as animal feed or treated as waste. In light of this, our guiding teacher and team, based on the principles of agricultural circular economy and sustainable development, have focused on the value-added utilization of spent grain generated during laboratory brewing processes in the development of agricultural processing products. This concept is closely aligned with the 15th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations, which aims to "protect, restore, and sustainable "

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Our Team was guided by associate professor Da-Wei Huang from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Three students from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology—including Wei-Cheng Lin、Cen-Hao Jian and Ting-Yu Huang (南臺科技大學生物與食品科技系 指導老師黃大副教授 學生林韋成、簡岑澔、黃亭毓 )
lin wei cheng
Our team is studying in the Food Science and Technology department at Southern Taiwan University. We have undergone training in Food Processing Laboratory and Nutrition and Immunology courses, learning about various aspects of food production. This includes understanding the properties of flour and dough, formulating dough recipes, ensuring proper pasta preservation, and mastering food processing techniques.We have gained practical experience in the entire process of developing innovative pasta recipes, quality control, and food safety.
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