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FR-1 Bike Saddle

A bike saddle in reconstituted cork and titanium

The FR-1 Saddle harnesses cork’s natural properties - its light weight, durability, cushioning capacity, elasticity and water resistance - to eliminate the need for polymer based materials in a modern bike saddle. To achieve this Frame Cycles has tested different densities of cork and formulas of lacquer to arrive at a product which is both comfortable and hard-wearing. An excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes titanium a natural choice for the saddle’s substructure - which comprises a stamped titanium shell and grade 5 titanium rails.

Frame Cycles
Frame Cycles aims to create beautiful, sustainable bicycle components and accessories. Our debut product, the FR-1, is a bike saddle made from reconstituted cork and grade 5 titanium. We launched this at Bespoked hand made bike show in October 2022. The first production was limited to 25 pieces, however we are currently working on a larger production of 500 pieces which we expect to be available for purchase in mid-2023.
United Kingdom
Frame Cycles
Evan Gray & Matthew Macindoe (Frame Cycles)
Frame Cycles is a collaboration between Designers Evan Gray and Matthew Macindoe. Evan Gray dreamt up the idea of Frame Cycles whilst attending a bicycle frame-building course in Somerset, UK. He approached his friend Matthew Macindoe, an Industrial Designer, who helped bring the vision to life. After years in development and testing, Frame Cycles' debut product, the first production of FR-1 Bike Saddles was completed in September 2023.
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