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Sustainable, recycled & flatpacked modular sofa

GRO is a modular sofa with a focus on social commitment, responsible materials, production and logistics. The foam is made from recycled mattresses and from bio-waste. The cushions and armrests are upholstered in the textile Tonus, which is wool and the EU Ecolabel. The frame is made of oak and the sofa has been given the intended comfort via natural latex rubber straps. GRO is a sustainable and innovative submission, as the sofa is designed with a focus on flatpacking, minimum material waste, comfort and sustainable materials. The sofa is modular, so it can easily be adapted to any home.

VIA University College
Isabella Baad Johnsen & Sara Gamst
We are 2 young designers Sara Gamst and Isabella Baad Johnsen, we finished our bachelor degree and graduated from VIA University College in Herning December 2022 with specialization in furniture design. In our time at school, we've made different furniture projects together like a small stool, an outdoor lounge chair and our sofa we are submitting. Sara is on high level in 3D drawings and construction and Isabella is sharp in developing different shapes and forms. Together we are complimenting each other well because of our different skills, competencies, and excellent partnership.
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