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Fungi-based installation

Fungi communicate within their own network using electrical pulses. The installation Interwoven measures and translates this invisible language into projection and sound. When the fungus is touched, its effect can be seen and heard - thus, art and science collaborate in this installation. Interwoven is about the relationship between humans and nature. Have we grown too far apart, or are we one? By bringing the viewer face to face with a fungus, Lidewei Reitsma & Jonne Verheij want to create a sense of connection with the fungus, and therefore with nature.

Studio Jonne Verheij
Lidewei Reitsma & Jonne Verheij
The artist duo Lidewei Reitsma & Jonne Verheij works with various media based on a deep fascination with science and nature. What can we learn from the non-human world and how can we collaborate to work towards a sustainable future? These are some of the questions they weave into their work. With their work, Reitsma and Verheij explore new perspectives. Collaboration is an important part of their practice, not only with each other, but especially with science and nature.
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