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Nature by Night

Products, that flourish with nature and society

Nature by Night is a lamp that grows with nature, harnessing its energy and inspiring action. It fits around any tree, ensuring no disruption in the environment. The eye-catching lamp and Fruit Battery grab attention. This design goes beyond inspiration or material use; nature is a living part of the product. It showcases sustainable technology in our daily lives, adaptable to any green power source. Streamlined tech allows immediate use. It reduces CO2 emissions by eliminating extra materials for hanging, combats light pollution, and fosters more green spaces.

We focus on addressing current problems by offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Our approach involves understanding the core issues and promoting green human behavior. Ongoing research teams explore how our products can increase tree coverage, encourage outdoor engagement, elevate the value of nature, stimulate eco-friendly behavior, seamlessly integrate technology, and adapt to new sustainable materials and future energy sources."
Bas de Wolf
As a designer, my work is a harmonious blend of materials, technology, beauty, and history. These themes serve as my wellspring of inspiration, propelling me towards innovative creations. My design aspirations are consistently aimed at enhancing our living spaces and preserving the Earth. I seek to shape the future by drawing wisdom from the past and incorporating it into the present. My deep affection for materials and craftsmanship fuels my passion for bringing diverse projects to life, I embark on a journey of creative problem-solving, transforming ideas into tangible solutions.
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