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A removable and foldable rocking chair

It is a removable and foldable indoor rocking chair made of wood and steel whose seat and backrest are made of recycled denim fabric. A cozy rocking chair for a young audience, who usually move house as they live in rent. The joints are simple so that it can be assembled and disassembled to facilitate moving. In addition to allowing it to be folded so that once assembled, it can be moved easily, since it is designed for a small house. Emotionally, it is a pleasant, cozy and familiar product where you can listen to music, read or write, that is, it is aimed at people with a busy routine.

Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid
The Madrid Higher School of Design is the Public Center of the General Directorate of Universities and Higher Artistic Education of the Community of Madrid that offers official public Higher Education in Design at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area). ). The Madrid School of Design understands design as a service to society aimed at promoting the improvement of the quality of life and equality between people and as a central factor for innovation and the humanization of technologies and cultural exchange and economic.
Natalia Mastell Navío
I am Natalia Mastell Navío, a simple Spanish student who works with human energy. My empathy towards others has always been seen as a weakness, but I have turned it into my greatest strength. Being able to help others and improve the world is my super power. I love creating products that are part of people's daily routines and being able to make them more enjoyable. For me the future is not tomorrow, but today. I think things through very carefully before doing them, to know that I am leaving a good mark on the world and helping to improve it every day.
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