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Pola BioMaterials

Biomaterials from invasive plant water hyacinth

Pola Project innovatively transforms water hyacinth into sustainable bio-materials like compressed sheets, alternative leather, paper, cat litter and packaging material. It caters to construction, furniture, fashion, and eco-conscious consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives. Pola is a regenerative design method for transforming water hyacinth into bio-objects, illustrating the potential for invasive plants to be interpreted not as a nuisance but as a gift. All the materials are compostable and uses low energy for production.

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
IAAC is a cutting-edge educational and research center exploring the intersection of technology, architecture, and environmental sustainability. Fabricademy, a unique course offered by IAAC is a platform where technology, design, and sustainability converge, offering an interdisciplinary learning experience. It empowers students to explore the potential of digital fabrication and textiles, encouraging sustainable practices and cutting-edge design methodologies. Through hands-on experimentation, students delve into bio-design, material science, and advanced fabrication techniques.
Nanditha Nair
Nanditha initiated her career in the media industry but was soon captivated by materials and handicrafts. Collaborating with eco-conscious companies, she delved into small-batch production, utilizing technology to enhance artisans' capabilities through digital design and fabrication. Hailing from Kerala, India, where water hyacinth poses a significant challenge in daily life, she became intrigued by its material potential for a distributed manufacturing model, prompting her journey to IAAC in Barcelona.
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