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ANTI Throw Away Mentality

A toaster and kettle project against consumerism

"ANTI throw-away mentality" promotes sustainability in household electrical appliances. Many of these appliances are discarded prematurely due to mass production using non-repairable designs and materials, therefore, people have weak emotional bonds with their products. To counter this, I designed toasters and kettles with simplified structures, focusing on utility and function. These products use heat-resistant ceramics for durability and easy part replacement, promoting long-lasting relationships between users and their appliances and sustainability in a society prone to disposability.

The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (ABK Stuttgart)
The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (ABK Stuttgart) offers a wide range of subjects in a variety of Art and Design subjects: With its 22 study programmes in Architecture, Arts, Art Education, Design and Conservation – Art History, it provides excellent study and research opportunities to around 900 students and brings together a diverse range of creative practices under one roof. In addition to students’ individual artistic development and growth, ABK promotes transdisciplinarity, diversity and cultural openmindedness.
Zixuan Zhou
I am Zixuan Zhou, who currently studies industrial design in the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. As a designer, my works are based on observation or philosophical thoughts of daily life. I aim to create wonderful objects by challenging the perception on how objects could be with unconventional, functional configuration and details. Besides, I focus on letting people get touched by objects with material or usage etc. Because for me, design is not only a method of solving problems, but also a way to improve daily life by providing inner pleasure and different ways of seeing things.
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