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BioCycle Maker

Solve the issues of food waste with BioCycle maker

The BioCycle maker project for sustainable daily life focuses on creating a harmonious balance between people, society, and the environment. The primary objective is to develop an affordable biomass waste utilization appliance. The project involves transforming food waste and biomass waste into valuable circular economic resources known as biochar. This innovative approach serves a dual purpose: reducing carbon emissions and storage of biochar in a wide range of products.

We know in real life every one faces ups and downs... success and failure... joy and sorrow. We also know that life is fragile, constantly changing and will never stop surprising you... that’s where we can help, because no one knows what real life has in store. We look after users, every step of the way: protect what matters most to them, prepare them for the unexpected, and plan for their better, brighter future! We are genuinely engaged in people’s lives, providing the right innovation solutions for user and industry in a constantly changing world. Together, we make The Xey-Innovation
Shang-Che Lee
Mike is an accomplished industrial designer with a decade of experience in consumer electronics, computers, and home appliances. He thrives on the challenge of integrating interaction and visual design efforts with product development teams to achieve business objectives and enhance user experiences. Continuously exploring emerging tools and methodologies, Mike ensures an efficient workflow. With a focus on multi-device strategies, design thinking, user testing, agile development, and lean product user experience practices, he is dedicated to creating innovative and user-centered products.
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