A look into the future of sustainable product concepts

A look into the future of sustainable product concepts

A look into the future of sustainable product concepts

In a world where innovation and sustainability intersect, the Green Concept Award stands as a beacon for visionary initiatives that push the boundaries of eco-friendly design. This year, we are focusing our attention on nominees whose transformative ideas are not yet on the market but have the potential to become outstanding sustainable products. 

Among them are creative timber construction innovators who are rethinking chairs with environmental awareness. The development of products for children that instill sustainable habits.

There are also products with an extended life cycle, repair and recycling options and finally we present two graduates of the Green Cells program whose concepts are now fresh on the market. Have fun discovering them!

Innovative wood processing

  • Beetlechair: Made from local beetle wood
  • SHANTONG: Veneer moulded with steam becomes a chair without glue
  • Struggi: Made from sustainable pine wood & recycled denim fabrics

Educational projects

  • Aquasense: Gamification turns water-saving showers into an interactive & playful experience
  • Rüya: Made from recycled plastic, the elements of this toy are interchangeable and fully recyclable

Focus on life cycle

  • Compodry: A hair dryer whose mycelium-based components can be composted at the end of use
  • ECOMADE: A glue-free mattress made from discarded mattress covers with a modular design that allows it to be replaced and recycled.
  • Liimmi: The baby potty that later turns into a flower pot
  • U12: A coffee filter with replaceable and recyclable parts

Green Cells graduates:

Do you like what the future holds? Support these and other projects with your vote in the public vote until the evening of 14 January.

For anyone working on a green idea themselves, we recommend taking part in our Green Cells program.

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