Green Product Award 2025

Green Product Award


Green Olympics

The Award reaches 7 million people worldwide every year. Under the motto "Green Olympics", companies and start-ups from all over the world are invited to register their sustainable products and services for the competition. Training camps, qualification rounds and networking events accompany the process until the showdown in Berlin.
The international Green Product Awards have been presented annually since 2013 and, depending on their quality, participants benefit from numerous advantages such as project feedback, seals and visibility.

Interested parties whose concepts are not yet on the market can apply for the Green Concept Award.

The organising committee and contact point for the awards is the >> Green Future Club. The Club offers official members a platform for active learning and networking.

>> Club & Award Factsheet




Competition entries can only be submitted via the award platform. These are promptly checked for completeness as well as formal and content-related criteria. Participants will receive an evaluation and, if necessary, tips for optimisation as well as an invoice for the evaluation fee.

Entries that are assessed as sustainable qualify for the rest of the competition and receive the "Green Product Award Approved" honour.

TIP: Participants who submit by the Guided Deadline (see below) have the opportunity to use the evaluation to resubmit an optimised version of their project. Early submission saves money and creates time for optimisation.

In the further evaluation process, the finalists in each category will be selected in December and published on the platform for one year. The 30-day public vote starts with the publication. At the same time, the expert jury will select the winners within each category for the best product of a brand, a start-up and the best concept.

The final of the Green Green Olympics with award ceremony and experience camps will take place in Berlin embassies.


All participants benefit from an independent initial assessment of their products in line with the regulations of the Green New Deal.

Free training camps on the development and evaluation of sustainable products are offered throughout the year.

In addition, proven projects have the chance to be published in the Green Trend Book (250,000 readers) and have the opportunity to network with experts and other participants across industries.

Advantages for solutions with Approved Status

1. Seal with unlimited usage rights
2. Inclusion in the pool of sustainable solutions
3. Qualification for the final

Additional Benefits for Finalists

1.Project and company portrait in the Award Portal
2. Publications with selected media partners & press kit
3. Points-based feedback from the jury & digital award certificate

Additional Benefits for Winners

1.Presentation on the Award's social media channels
2.Award trophy
3.Stage time at the Award ceremony

Green Product Award


The Green Product Awards are presented in various categories. Within each category, the best product of a brand, a start-up and the best concept are awarded. The category pages contain further information as well as finalists & winners of the last award cycle.

Green Product Award

Schedule 2024/25

30 April Grand ceremony 2024 in Berlin - To the review

16 July Supported Deadline for the Awards 2025
16 September Guided Deadline for the Awards 2025
16 November Experienced Deadline for the Awards 2025
16 December Finalist Annoucement, Public Voting & judging
16 Jan. 2025 End of Public Voting

March 2025 Award ceremony & summits in Berlin embassies

Excerpt of exhibitions: Neonyt, Kind und Jugend, Dutch Design Week, Sustainable Materials Conference & Expo... learn more

All year round, the Green Future Club offers ACTIVITIES around the topic of sustainable innovations.



Students & graduates can apply free of charge for the Green Concept Award. In order to run the Award at a sophisticated level, fees apply for start-ups and established companies. Green Future Club members receive a 50% discount on submission.

Established companies:
Submission + Finalist Package

350 + 1550€

One-time fee


The above fees are stated without VAT.
Definition of start-ups: Turnover below 1 million euros.

May we introduce?

The Jury

An international jury of experienced experts reviews the submissions with their know-how to determine the winners. Finalists and winners receive individual point based feedback.


The Criteria

The winners will be evaluated and determined based on general and subject-specific criteria.

In order to make it easier for you to highlight the special features of your submission, you can orient yourself on the criteria of the jury. The best way is to download our submission assistance here.

Overall rating

The originality, reproducibility and credibility are assessed.

Evaluated are the complexity of the analysis, the quality of the preparation and the way of implementation.

The potential for positive impact on the environment and/or society is considered.

Subject-specific reviews

This is about the design as an overall approach with the following criteria: aesthetics, user-friendly functionality, economic and ecological constructions, possibly the interaction of product and packaging. The quality of communication with the consumer about sustainability is also considered.

To assess the innovation, it is examined whether a problem / need (better) is solved, the scale of what is new and how relevant it is. When submitting concepts, there is an additional focus on the respective business model.

Assessment takes place along all phases of the life cycle (concept / pre-production, production, distribution, use, reuse). Information on the material used is considered separately, as well as information on the production conditions.